RCA decision reprehensible

— We find your recent decision to switch from a position of neutrality regarding YMCA plans for Drakes Landing to be reprehensible. We read with disgust your recent full throated support of YMCA plans to build a 100,000 square foot facility right in the path of the entrance to Radisson that we must travel several times each and every day...obviously most of you do not live in or travel through that section of our community. We, like so many other of our neighbors can’t help but wonder at the sudden change from being neutral to full support. So we must now question the ethics and integrity of the entire Radisson Board of Directors, when such a change takes place so “conveniently” shortly after a director from the YMCA’s Board of Director’s buys and moves in as a “next door neighbor” to one of the Radisson directors. Do you actually believe that everyone is stupid or naïve enough to believe that it’s all just a coincidence?

When we purchased our home in Radisson six years ago, we assure you with 100 percent certainty that had there been a 100,000 square foot YMCA sticking out like a sore thumb on the corner of Drakes Landing and Route 31, we would not have considered for even a moment buying a home here. Now, after six years, the very organization (Radisson Board of Directors) we had every right to believe was there to protect our interests and home value, makes a sudden unilateral decision to do otherwise. All the families who purchased homes and live here did so without a YMCA in existence. In other words, the lack of a close by YMCA had no impact on their home buying decisions, so why do you now think for a moment that it is a positive reason for moving into Radisson? We believe just the opposite - that a huge unsightly YMCA facility at the Drakes Landing entrance along with the resultant dramatic increase in traffic, will do nothing but decrease the value of our home and upset our daily lives.

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