RCA supports Y in Radisson, planning board responds saying next step is up to Y

— The news of the unanimous decision of a positive declaration of environmental significance was received by us, as well as many others, as a great surprise. This report made the determination that the Y Project would negatively impact the community environment. This determination was made apparently without taking into consideration the other existing facilities within the Radisson Community that abut up to residential properties, such as Park Terrace Assisted Living and the Medical Center Facility. It also did not take into consideration that an elementary school, to serve both Radisson community and the greater Baldwinsville area, is slated to be built on the site bordering this parcel, hence within a residential neighborhood. Also, it compared the proposed Y building to other community use facilities (i.e. Aspen House), to serve the community size as it was at the time and for different purposes. Lastly, the Aspen House is not available for use by non-Radisson members, as your report also indicated.

Radisson residents are not unanimous as is expected on any project, but the BOD believes that the long term vitality of Radisson and the Baldwinsville Community will be well served by the Y Project.

On behalf of the RCA Board of Directors, we would like to express our support behind the Northwest YMCA project in Radisson at the current location.

Christopher Raddell is the president of the RCA Board of Directors.

Decision to move forward solely with YMCA

Dear Mr. Raddell:

I am in receipt of your letter addressed to the undersigned and dated Oct. 26, 2011.

In response, I would encourage you to review my public letter titled “The Top 15 Facts Regarding the Proposed Northwest Family YMCA.” In addition to being printed in the Post Standard and the Baldwinsville Messenger, it was also printed in the July 29, 2011 Radisson Reflections. I believe you will find many of the answers you seek contained therein.

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