Vote Rode-Ellis-Shimer

— Do you believe the current Republican regime has been corrupted by decades of power? Do you believe Democrats are evil and can’t vote for one? Are you tired of hidden agendas?

You don’t have to vote for Mr. Bullis, a career Republican politician and his cadre of LRC lackeys. You don’t have to vote for Mr. Salisbury, a Democrat and his small controlling group. You have an alternative. You can mix it up.

The Town of Lysander is a community of Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and non-affiliated citizens. You can vote for Kevin Rode for supervisor. He is not affiliated with any political party. He is a young man that has become disillusioned with the current system. Mr. Rode is not a career politician and he is not beholding to any political party or group. He is his own man with his own brain that can make his own decisions.

You can vote for Mr. Ellis, a LRC Republican. You can vote for Ms. Shimer, a Democrat. These three plus Mr. Levy, a LRC Republican, would then have to appoint a person to fill Mr. May’s vacancy. We have a perfect opportunity for the citizens of Lysander to have a town board that is actually representative of all the town’s citizens. Let us take advantage of this opportunity. Rode - Ellis - Shimer.

For the sake of full disclosure, I am completely anti-Bullis and LRC. I assisted Mr. Burtch in his primary campaign. I assisted the LBC before they self-destructed. I assisted Mr. Rode get on the ballot and I am a member of the Lysander Democratic Committee. If you can’t vote JAM, then try voting RES for a diverse board.

Chris Patrick is a resident of Lysander.

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