Rode represents change

— My name is Kathy Ward Rode. I am Kevin’s mother. I lived in the town of Lysander for over 50 years. Even though we now live in Fair Haven, my husband and I still own property in the town of Lysander. Through numerous conversations with my son, I know that he is very passionate about becoming supervisor and that he truly believes that he can bring about change in the town government. He has no political party backing him and therefore he is paying for his campaign with his own money. This enables him to not have to play the game of politics where back door deals are made and favoritism is shown. His only allegiance will be to the people of the town and their interests.

Kevin would like to see the town government more open to suggestions from the people. He believes it is time for the people to have a voice and he would like to be that voice.

With an impartial supervisor and a diverse town board, Lysander will have the opportunity for a governing body that is truly for the people.

Kevin is not registered to a political party. There are over 3,000 non-affiliated voters residing in Lysander. Please come out and vote on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Kathy Rode is a resident of Fair Haven.

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