Re-elect Judge Rutherford

— I am writing this letter to encourage voters in Lysander to re-elect Judge Claire Rutherford to another term as town justice. I have been a practicing attorney for 35 years; and I have had many appearances in front of Judge Rutherford over the many years she has served as town justice. I have watched her grow in the job: from the new judge learning her way, to a very good and experienced justice. I should note that she has not always ruled the way I would have liked, but she has always told you why. There are a few non-lawyer town judges who have a hard time following the law when their own personal beliefs run counter to the law. I ran into such a judge in a small town in a neighboring county last summer (and it was a scary experience). Judge Rutherford is not that kind of judge. She follows what the law requires of the court event when her personal belief is to the contrary. I know. She did this in a case I had before her last year.

There are many responsibilities as a town justice. There are the 2 a.m. arraignments; some times you have to order that a dog be killed because it has just bitten too many people; you evict people from their homes; you put people in jail; and you handle traffic tickets. If you sit in the back of a court room and listen to what goes on, you get a good sense of how a particular judge handles people. From my many years of being in her court, I can tell you that Judge Rutherford treats all people fairly. She gives everyone their options. If they need time to pay a fine, she gives it to them. But she is also able to punish those who fail to do what they have been ordered to do; and she does it in a very professional manner.

The Greater Baldwinsville area is blessed with five very qualified justices. Judge Rutherford is one of them; and, if you live in Lysander, please giver her your vote on Election Day.

Charles Farrell is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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