Lysander 1st lacks vision

— I have lived in Lysander and watched our community grow for over 30 years. I am honored to have been associated with the town as its attorney over the past 28 years, and with Supervisor Bullis and the town board.

I read the letters and campaign literature distributed by the three Democratic opponents for supervisor and town board who call themselves Lysander First. They struggle to come up with anything the current supervisor or town board has done wrong, offer nothing by way of substantive ideas for change and are left to complain about things like political sign vandalism. The sole mission of Lysander First seems to be to “get” Barry Bullis, but without any rational reasons. The complaints I read tell me that the Lysander First candidates lack experience and have distorted notions about how town government functions; for example, the planning board and how, and by whom, assessments are determined. Change just for change sake, I suggest, would not be a good thing in this instance.

The fact is that over the past 16 years, Supervisor Bullis has presided over an administration, which has responsibly managed the growth of our town, kept our town taxes among the lowest per capita in the State, responded to citizen concerns and made Lysander one of the finest places to live in the greater Syracuse area. Your vote for Supervisor Barry Bullis, and town board candidates Bob Ellis and Norm Ashbarry, will help ensure that Lysander Town government will continue to be run in the most efficient way possible.

I urge all of the resident voters of Lysander to exercise their right to vote on Election Day. If you are satisfied with the way your town government has worked for you, it is critically important that you come out and vote. The vocal opposition will be at the polls. Please don’t let a small minority determine the election outcome by staying home on Nov. 8.

P. David Twichell is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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