JAM not about dirty politics

— The 2011 election campaign is drawing to a close. I for one will be glad to have Tuesday, Nov. 8, come, and the election settled. Most of you have decided who you will support. I sincerely hope that you have chosen our team. We all are committed to doing the right thing rather than the one that seems most politically advantageous.

We have tried to address the issues of excessive borrowing, mismanagement of finances, mistreatment of residents, the lack of openness at public meetings and the poor business decisions made by the current administration.

We are dismayed to have had 50 plus of our small signs taken. These signs were located across the streets from signs of our opponents, who have not lost their signs. All of our big signs have been maliciously vandalized. This is not only illegal, immature, unethical and costly behavior, but it is an affront to the principles our country was founded upon—democracy, fair politics and freedom of speech.

Dirty politics is not what Lysander First candidates are about. We have tried to be truthful, factual and provide the residents of Lysander a real choice. If elected, we will do our best to be honest, open and transparent in our dealings with you the residents.

It has been a privilege to talk to so many of you. We look forward to working on your behalf for the next four years.

To be successful on Nov. 8, we need each of you who supports us to vote for JAM, John Salisbury for Lysander Supervisor, Andrew Reeves and Melinda Shimer for Lysander Councilors, and Charles Mantione, Jr. for Town Justice.

John A. Salisbury is a candidate for Lysander Supervisor

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