Van Buren: Finally, it all makes sense

— The Oct. 20 edition of the Post Standard placed the property tax increase in the town of Van Buren in proper perspective. Initially, Onondaga County facing a $55 million deficit because of Medicaid and pension costs, changed the sales tax formula. The town of Van Buren, as a result, incurred a 50 percent county tax increase. The county legislature voted to take $45 million out of the county executive’s budget, which would have eliminated the 50 percent county property tax increase. The county executive vetoed that proposal and the 50 percent increase went back on the Van Buren tax rolls. Derek Shepard, a councilor on the Van Buren Town Board, voted to take nearly $1 million of Onondaga County sales tax in cash rather than using it to offset county property taxes in the town of Van Buren by the same amount, which was responsible for an additional 50 percent county property tax increase.

During the primary campaign for the Republican line on the ballot, Mr. Shepard’s campaign sent several disgusting post card mailers to Republican and Conservative voters stating Mr. Warner was responsible for the increase in county property taxes in Van Buren, when in fact Mr. Shepard was personally responsible for nearly 50 percent of that increase with his vote as a member of the Van Buren Town Board to take the sales tax in cash. Is a person who will do and say anything to get elected the person you want to represent you at the county legislature? As a 33-year-old full-time college student, will Mr. Shepard have the experience or the time to represent you?

Due to Legislator Warner’s recent efforts for the 2012 county budget, Van Buren county property taxes will decrease by 17 percent for 2012. County property taxes will also decrease in the village of Baldwinsville, Elbridge and Jordan. I am voting for Bob Warner on the Conservative line on Tuesday, Nov. 8.

Ray Davis is a resident of Baldwinsville.

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