Make a difference on Nov. 8

— My name is Kevin Rode, and I am running for Lysander Town Supervisor.

I feel a change is needed in Lysander. I used to go about my life and never think about our town government until someone asked me to attend a town board meeting. After attending only two meetings, I realized that we do need a change. What we don’t need is change for the sake of change. We need people who want to run Lysander with the citizens’ best interests in mind. Although I feel our current one party controlled government is broken, I do not believe replacing all electable seats with another “party” is the answer.

I ran for town supervisor because I feel I am as qualified as the other candidates. It is the opportunity of any legal resident to run for town office.

It is too bad the two “frontrunners” did not feel a debate was necessary, even after a Mr. Grant Reeher stated in a Post-Standard article, “It is important for candidates in Lysander to hold political debates with all of the candidates present and give residents as much access as possible to learn about their platforms and agendas.”

As Mr. Burtch (before he ended his write-in campaign) and I agreed to a debate, I urge the Republicans, Democrats, Conservatives and Independents to ask their candidates why they did not feel the need for a debate before they go to the polls Tuesday.

I know I am looking out for the best interests of Lysander. Before you go to the polls Nov. 8, I urge you to ask yourself if the person you are voting for is doing the same.

Kevin Rode is a candidate for Lysander Supervisor.

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