B'ville: Learn about Reiki’s natural healing

Local Reiki master offers library talk on healing energy

— Shah went to India to stay with her sister after her brother-in-law died, she said. While there, her sister encouraged her to study Reiki.

"My sister pushed me into it," she said. "In the beginning, I wasn't believing it."

But then she saw a cancer patient regain the use of her arm and hand after receiving Reiki administered by her, and she began to believe, she said.

Since achieving her training as a Reiki Master, Shah has helped some patients completely recover, and others recover enough that they describe themselves as 60 to 80 percent recovered. She has successfully treated people with fibromyalgia, eczema, pain in the neck, back or legs, depression and anxiety. Shah, unlike some practitioners, has also experimented with Reiki for pets and houseplants, and has used Reiki to heal people over distance.

People who experience Reiki often report a feeling of warmth or a rush similar to a hormonal rush. Besides physical healing, many patients report an increase in energy and a sense of well-being.

Effectiveness of Reiki varies from person to person, as does the time it takes for the healing energy to do its work. Reiki supports our well-being and strengthens our natural ability to heal ourselves by balancing our energy centers, called Chakras. Reiki provides relief for sufferers of headaches, cold symptoms, flu symptoms, strains, sprains and the side effects of cancer treatments or harsh medicines. Reiki practitioners are also said to have assisted in shrinking tumors and in bringing diseases into remission. Currently Reiki is being used as a complementary medical treatment in hospitals locally and nationwide.

“During my few years of Reiki practice, I have observed the effectiveness of Reiki to my clients and its amazing healing power. Based on these observations, I think that others should know about Reiki, its effectiveness and get the benefit of healing by Reiki without any intrusive substances or bodily manipulations,” Shah said.

Julia E. Schult is the adult programs librarian at Baldwinsville Public Library, 33 East Genesee St., Baldwinsville.

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