Open Bic: The new generation of fast-sailing dinghies

We, these young sailors, say it's okay to get wet. It's a huge excitement and it cools you off from the blazing sun. Even though your fellow sailor friends are laughing when you're drenched, it's hard not to laugh with them.

The Willow Bank Yacht Club just purchased two new Open Bics last summer that are ready for sailing. They will get their chance to race on the days of the big Regatta July 9 and 10.

Sailing the Bic is all about having fun with friends and creating memories that will last a lifetime. This boat rides smooth with the length of 2.75 meters and the width of 1.14 meters, plus the modern foot straps help make hiking easier.

Also, the unique shape of the hull makes it so you don't have to bail the boat. The sail is designed with an open latch to give sailors better control on windy days plus the clear material of the sail makes it so the sailor doesn't have to dry it, which we all know takes forever.

The rig can be substituted with the optimist rig for beginners. Novice sailors can just buy the hull and step the Opti rig. When ready, the sailors move up to the full Open Bic rig. The sail handling and controls are simple, laser like with just mainsheet, rudder centerboard and Cunningham.

Not only is the Bic a wonderful boat but it provides pure enjoyment on Cazenovia Lake. Willow Bank Yacht Club's sailing program gives you a chance to meet new friends and learn everything you need to know about sailing at the same time.

From young ages to old, the Willow Bank Yacht Club's sailing programs are fun for everyone, and one doesn't even have to be a member to partake.

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