Open Bic: The new generation of fast-sailing dinghies

Willow Bank Yacht Club and Cazenovia Lake will be host the Central New York Sailing Association Annual Regatta the weekend of July 9 and 10. The event will bring participants from 30 sailing clubs across the state to partake in races.

In the preceding weeks, a series of articles about the various fleets that will be seen competing will be featured.

While new boats released into the adult sailing market have changed the face of dinghy sailing, there had been no new boats for younger sailors until the recent launching of the Open Bic. Children and teenagers alike now have a true glide machine for real excitement on the water.

The Open Bic is the link between the Optimist generation and the new generation of sailing dinghies for adults. The self draining design has lots of buoyancy and resembles a skiff dinghy. The sleek hull shape has lots of performance for those ready to move up from an Optimist. The smooth concave cockpit makes for easy maneuvering. The Open Bic is a fun boat for kids to learn to sail fast dinghies.

In just two years since its introduction, the Open Bic can be found in the U.S., Europe and the southern hemispheres. The Open Bic has international class status.

Bic has made its name in windsurfing over the years, and was founded by Frenchman Baron Bic who competed in the Americas Cup, and who made his fortune with Bic pens.

The following is testament to the joys of Bic sailing, written by local sailors Jamie Joseph and Lucy Langan.

Two 10-year-young sailors slice through the water, eager for adventure on Cazenovia Lake. They sit upon their trustworthy Bic.

The reason these two girls are so eager to get out on the water and sail almost every day is because of the fun packed modern Bic.

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