2011 Wing Tournament: Southside / SU Hill Results

Winner: Varsity Pizza

South Side/SU Hill Championship Game

(1) Swallow's "Hot" wings: 5 points

(2) Varsity Pizza's "Hot" wings: 0 points

Even though Swallow's wings were under-matched in Game 1, it wouldn't take much for them to pull out a win in this match-up. Varsity's meat and wing size were above average and on par with Swallow's, but suffered a shutout in every other category. It's hard to fault Swallow's in any aspect with a great amount of uniquely flavorful sauce, peppery garlic wings that were some of the hottest in the tournament, excellent crispness, and a separate bin filled with chunky blue cheese and big pieces of fresh celery. No battle in this one. Swallow's wins hands down with completely original, spicy, and superior all-around wings and easily deserve the title of best wings in this bracket.

Winner and champion of the Southside/SU Hill bracket: Swallow's

In the final round, Dinosaur Bar-B-Que will take on Change of Pace, and Nibsy's Pub faces Swallow's, with winners advancing to the championship game. It should be a tight race. Make sure to check for the Final Four results and Pulled Into Syracuse's 2011 City Wing Tournament Champion in the June 9 issue of The Eagle.

Miss a neighborhood bracket in the tournament? Click here for all of the wing tournament-related posts on Josef Lorenz's blog. Spoiler alert: the top post reveals the winner of the championship game -- close your eyes and scroll down!

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