Pulled Into Syracuse: Tipperary Hill results

Following the Northside/Eastwood and downtown results, the much-anticipated Tipperary Hill bracket features Blarney Stone vs. Rosie's Sports Bar & Grill, and Nibsy's Pub taking on Patsy's Pizza.

Tipperary Hill Opening Round: Game 1

(1) Blarney Stone's "Hot" wings: 2 points

(4) Rosie's Sports Bar & Grill's "Hot" wings: 1 point

Kicking off the highly competitive Tipp Hill Bracket is Blarney Stone's hot wings vs. Rosie's hot wings. This was a tight race as both sports bars featured well-above-average wings. Rosie's deserves credit for outstanding wings with great meat, great skin, and a slight hint of garlic, highlighted by an intense heat and some of the hottest wings in the tournament. I also liked the fact that a few wings still had the tips on them, which was a welcomed surprise and hints that they might cut the 3-joint wings themselves, but some of the drumettes suffered as a result and were small, boney, and in some cases indiscernible.

While most categories were a draw (hence the low score), Blarney Stone was able to come up solid in just about each category and pulled out a 2-1 victory over Rosie's wings. Blarney Stone offered great, slightly crispy and chewy skins, above-average meat, a great heat level, and delicious and plentiful Buffalo sauce.

Winner: Blarney Stone

Tipperary Hill Opening Round: Game 2

(3) Nibsy's Pub's "Hot" wings: 5 points

(2) Patsy's Pizza's "Hot" wings: 0 points

The next Tipp Hill match-up featured Nibsy's hot wings ushering in the first shutout of the tournament in a 5-0 victory over Patsy's Pizza. Patsy's was only able to muster up a fight in the heat department, with wings soaked in plenty of tasty hot sauce that had a great, albeit vinegary, Buffalo flavor. Aside from that, uninspiring chicken meat, small wings, dry skins, and a flavorless blue cheese with no celery made them susceptible to a defeat by the opposition.

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