Complementary Health Services naturally 'pinpoints' illness

While medical practices like acupuncture and yoga are often regarded at "new age" or "alternative," their healing properties have been utilized for thousands of years by an array of different cultures. Complementary Health Services of Cazenovia offers patients a wide variety of treatments, including osteopathic manipulative therapy, facial rejuvenation, Reiki, restorative yoga and acupressure, as well as acupuncture.

Started in 2000 by Dr. Scott Treatman, he and his wife, Dr. Linda Lemay, comprise Complementary Health Services and regularly employ natural medical approaches, without the use of prescription drugs or surgery.

"One of the most gratifying things, for me, is when people come in distressed and leave feeling relaxed and happy. It's nice to spend time with the patients, fully evaluate their needs and give them the proper treatment," said Lemay. "I had my reservations when Scott began practicing acupuncture; but when I had Achilles tendinitis, he treated me once and it worked. After that I was a believer."

Usually, medical patients are rarely excited to hear they will have to be stuck with a needle when visiting their doctors. However, visitors to Treatman and Lemay's offices often request acupuncture treatments to help them attain a relaxed, rejuvenated state of mind.

The practice of inserting needles into certain points on the human body dates back to the earliest records of human civilization. During the Han Dynasty in second century BCE, metal replaced sharpened stones and bone needles, which were previously used to alleviate common ailments.

"Chinese theory teaches that Chi, or energy, flows through meridians in the human body. When flow is blocked, issues like disease, pain, tumors and other ailments begin to develop. Needles unblock the flow and help your body heal itself," Lemay said. "In Western medicine, it's been shown through CAT-scans that different areas of the brain are activated when acupuncture is administered, releasing endorphins; the body's natural painkiller."

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