Onondaga County tackles road repairs, water chestnut removal

This month's session was held on May 3 at the Onondaga County Court House. Several resolutions were successfully passed, and some were put on hold. There were a few issues up for debate including, road repair bonding, hydrofracking and the transfer of parkland known as Murphy's Island.

The road and bridge repair bonding for this year was approved unanimously. Maintaining our infrastructure is a prime responsibility of the county, and how much we repair each year usually comes under debate. This year, our resolutions called for bridge repair bonding of $1.4 million, and road repair of $9.7 million. Once again, this amount is slightly less than the amount of road repair needed to meet our long-term plan. For the last three years, we have cut back on the amount of road repair we have been bonding for because of the fiscal crisis that all municipalities have had to deal with. As a result, the county is about one full year behind on road repairs compared to where we should be at this time. I cautioned my colleagues that at some point this will need to be addressed. It is cheaper to resurface and repair roads than it is to rebuild.

Another resolution considered was a request to our Deputy County Executive for Physical Services. We asked for a review of our procedures and policies at our wastewater treatment plant to ensure that waste from hydrofracking is not entering our system. Let me make it clear, at this point, these chemicals are not allowed to be disposed of at our facilities. This resolution requests the county review the policies and procedures to ensure there are no loop holes that would allow waste to be disposed of at our county facilities. This is more of a precautionary resolution rather than addressing any problems.

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