A week of travel, starting in Woodbury

The current water level was discussed with vigor, but the city representative was not an engineering type. She could not explain why the lake was 2' higher than suggested on December 1 or why, when the groundwater was 100% charged up and 70" of snow fell in December, the city did not start the drain-down until later in January.

Fran Fish carried the ball with good facts and enthusiasm for her case regarding high water level damage. She stated that we have a model and it wasn't followed.

Last week, I mentioned this very informative and definitive report that recommends that the draw-down should begin in December and the lake should be no higher than 860' on January 1st. We can't blame the heavy wave action on the city water level, but you sure can be sure that the damage would have been a lot less if the maximum draw had been started December 1, 2010.

I can provide copies of "The Skaneateles Lake Water Management" analysis and "The Skaneateles Water Steal" by Alzina Loveless. I can print double-sided which will reduce the cost. The Loveless report is also available at the Skaneateles Historical Society.

It looks like Lightning #1 will be coming home the first week of June and hopefully a soft opening of the museum expansion and exhibit will happen the July 4th weekend.

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