Mother's Day memories

To the editor:

This letter is to my mother. I never took the time to talk to you about so many things before you "passed on to your heavenly reward" (July 1995).

It was so many years ago, just before World War II, that you fell in love with Dad and committed your life in marriage to him. The two of you started a family with the whole world on the brink of war. I was born on the first Mother's Day of your married life.

Our family grew to four as we moved and Dad served from Army post to Army post until he was "shipped out" to the Pacific. For three long years you and your mother loved and cared for "Muffet" (my sister) and I as you waited for Dad's return.

My earliest childhood memory goes back to the day you introduced a man in uniform at our apartment door with the words, "This is your father. He's home at last!" I was four years old, yet this memory is still deeply etched in my mind.

After Dad's return, you worked seemingly endless hours to support our growing family. With six of us in a three-room Bronx apartment and with Dad working many 14-hour days (three jobs), I now realize how miraculous it was that you found the strength to love and care for us all.

Somehow, you and Dad eventually saved enough to get a down payment on our own home, send some of us to parochial schools and later give all of your five children an opportunity to go to college.

You taught us so many things. Among the special things you taught me were: to value our family, to serve others, to work hard for a goal, to be frugal with resources, and to craft words in poetry and prose. The greatest gift you gave me and our family was your love for God and your love for us.

This love seemed at times to be almost limitless. You placed a high value on your spiritual life, God's word and the church. And you also taught us to value these things. You poured out your life for your family. Even when we were imperfect, ungrateful or when we hurt, you loved us. Your devotion was a living example of God' love for us.

"Well done, good and faithful servant" Matt 25:21. Thanks, Mom. I miss you and I love you!



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