Local group campaign to 'Light Up Fenner'

It's official; a group of sports-enthusiasts have started campaigning for lights at Field Number One of the Googin Sports Complex on Fenner Road.

This group has already contacted the surrounding neighbors, received preliminary approval from the school board and has aligned themselves with the Cazenovia New York Lions Club Foundation, Inc. The Lions Club has formed a not-for-profit organization which allows the Lions Club to pursue and continue with community activities. This foundation will allow all donors the tax benefits of charitable contributions when they give to this exciting project "Light Up Fenner".

One of the goals, as the group has thought through the fund raising efforts, is to include as many youth organizations and school teams as possible that will benefit by the new lights at Fenner.

The group backing "Light Up Fenner" is looking to organize these different teams and have them do mini-fundraising projects so that all the athletes have some ownership in this project.

The organization has already begun the fundraising efforts, as the first mini event has was quickly organized and scheduled. A dance for high school students took place from 8 to 11 p.m. on April 30 at the American Legion Hall. The ticket price was $10, with the majority of the proceeds to be donated for the lights. The turnout was good, and the organization was pleased to get a start on their fundraising.

The lights at Fenner Fields will capitalize on green technology, being of high efficiency, with minimal spillage and shielding.

This means that the light from Field Number One will touch only that field. Some additional lighting will be provided for the parking lot, however.

The committee hopes that high school students and the community will enjoy evenings at Fenner Fields which could also provide another venue for social gatherings.

To learn more about efforts, or to support the campaign, e-mail the group members at lightupfenner@gmail.com.

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