Letters for the week of May 2: Mayor's 'change' put three out of work

Bill Spalding , Skaneateles

Val Jerabeck for Skaneateles BOE

The upcoming elections to the Skaneateles school board are important seats to fill with the most qualified candidates. The school board will be facing very tough decisions in upcoming years, both with personnel and long term planning. During this economic climate it is important that the school board makes decision that the community can afford to support. Our school district is no different than the neighboring districts; we are all faced with reduced state aid and low enrollment. The school board will need to find ways to provide a quality education for our children on limited funds. The changes will need to be well though out, how does today's decision impact the students of tomorrow.

The individuals that we elect to these positions will need to immerse themselves into the business side of our school district. Change is never easy, especially when it directly affects your family. But in the near future, change is what our school district will need to embrace. In my opinion, the publics' job will be to elect two people that can look objectively at these changes and make some very hard decisions for the benefit of all of us.

It has been my pleasure over the years to work with Val Jerabeck. Val is someone that comes to every meeting prepared to participate. If she does not know the information, she will do her research and prepare a list of questions. She approaches working on boards as a collaborative effort, information and knowledge is shared freely. Val has spent countless hours supporting the school through PTC. She has held treasurer and president positions at every school. She has worked with the District Wide PTC, which allowed her to share her knowledge and experience with new board members. She has volunteered her time on the District Planning Team; she knows where our school district has been and where we want to go in the future. Val has also spent time in our community supporting the efforts of the Skaneateles Rotary Club.

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