Letters for the week of May 2: Mayor's 'change' put three out of work

I understand the city does not have absolute control over the lake level, but they can anticipate, with the weather over the last nine months, the ground water is full and there would be a lot of runoff this spring. The city did not try to lower the lake level last fall as the outlet level spent several months a low flow rate. Now the lake is high and there is little anyone can do about it in the short run. The city has made our bed and now we have to lie in it.

I would think it would be in the city's own interest to keep the spring water level down to prevent erosion of the lake shore. The biggest fear the city has is turbid water from the lake. If certain turbidity limits are broken the EPA will force the city (and the village and the town) to filter the water before sending to their customers. This will cost millions. In fact turbidity notices were issued for Dec. 1 and 2 and more recently April 17. If you go down to the shoreline and look at the exposed roots of shore side trees, holes on the soil behind breakwalls and other structures you can get an idea of how much soil is entering the lake this spring.

I have lived and recreated on the lake for my whole life, and have seen the lake at its historic high of 867 feet in 1972 and its lows in the '80s and '90s. As residents we have to watch the performance of the City's management of this resource and make sure they watch for their interest and ours. We should have been writing these letters last fall, when they could have taken preventive action. Now all we can do is yell loud enough now so they remember and do not let it happen again.

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