Local father pens first children's book

When Glenn Wright's son, Bradley, became terrified of sleeping in his own bed, he and his wife, Molly, tried everything to coax the toddler back into his own room. But nothing worked.

After nearly three years of Bradley sleeping in their bed, Wright, of North Syracuse, came up with an idea. Since none of the bedtime books the couple found really addressed their dilemma, Wright decided to write his own book to help Bradley adjust to bedtime. The result: 43 pages of colorful illustrations and story, titled "I Sleep in My Own Bed."

"The manuscript for the book was easy," Wright said of his first book. "The reasons for a child to sleep in their own bed just came rushing to me. The illustrations took a little longer."

It took 10 months to finish the book, from initial idea to completion of all the artwork. Through Xlibris self-publishing company at the cost of $5,000, the book was first published in October 2010.

"This book takes a child on a journey to all the places they wouldn't want to sleep and outlines the reasons why their own bed is the perfect place to sleep," described the book's official website.

The book is suitable for children two to seven as a helpful tool to get them to sleep in their own bed, as well as a great bedtime story to be read again and again, said Wright.

More than 100 copies of "I Sleep in My Own Bed" have been sold so far, but there is no way to know exact numbers, since sales through the online Barnes and Noble, Amazon and Borders bookstore websites are not tracked, said Molly Wright. Aside from the role of supportive wife and mother, Molly has worked on the public relations end of the process, trying to get the book into the hands of as many parents as possible.

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