Driver Middle School Students compete in Optimist speech contest

Stephen Larison, an eighth grade student at Driver Middle School, is the winner of this year's Marcellus Optimist Club Oratorical Contest. Runner-up finalists were Cayla Dutton and Mary Morocco, both eighth grade students at DMS.

The students presented their speeches at the March 9 Marcellus Optimist Club meeting held at the Inn Between Restaurant. The 2011 oratorical contest topic was "If I were the leader of the free world, the first issue I would address would be..." The finalists were judged on criteria that included poise, the content and organization of the speech, presentations skills, and the overall effectiveness of the speech.

The DMS students earned the honor of competing at the finalist level after participating in the DMS school-wide oratorical contest held in February. Larison will now move on to compete at the Optimist district level oratorical event. His speech is below:

World Starvation

By Stephen Larison

If I were leader of the free world, the first issue I would address would be World Starvation. Our world is a world of great improvements. We have advanced from Adam and Eve to Apple technology and electronics. We have devices such as iPods and computers, and machines such as jets and automobiles. But yet, we can't seem to resolve one of the simplest, but most devastating issues pressing our globe today: world starvation.

According to Bread for the World, an organization that "urges our world leaders to end starvation," over 930 million people worldwide are starving. That's 930 million people who fall asleep each night not knowing if they or their family will make it through the night. How inhumane is this of mankind to let something like this happen, especially since there is enough food to go around. World starvation is one of the world's worst population threats; nevertheless it is one of the easiest issues to repair. There are many organizations and individuals in the world who are already working to end this deadly catastrophe, and if we can unite them and work side by side, we can snap world starvation like a twig! It can be fixed, and I will fix it!

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