From the mailbag: Liverpool School Board members return fire over petitions

The petition to remove the superintendent says the Liverpool Administrators Association (LAA) is in fear of the superintendent and that they are treated with vindictiveness. That's just baloney.

With tenure protection and a disputed contract clause that would require expensive litigation on the part of the district to lay-off any of the LAA members, no one in LAA could feel threatened or in anyway in fear of their jobs. Dr. Johns has asked the administrators to be more responsible for the outcomes of their students and naturally (although somewhat disappointing) some of the administrators (including the union leadership and many of those near retirement) have responded negatively. Several administrators are of course embracing the challenge and making great progress and we have great respect for them. But Dr. Johns has asked all of the administrators, and particularly the principals, to develop School Excellence Teams, three year plans to actively improve the success of their students and to strive for excellence. In the case where a principal (your educational leader in each building) doesn't take that responsibility-and openly rejects the concept of improvement, planning and excellence-in our opinion cannot be tolerated and Dr Johns has shown he will not tolerate it.

So those that will never listen to an answer that isn't the answer they want will create petitions based on their opinions and ramble on and on and on with their baseless allegations hoping to keep the status quo. If these people would put any effort into helping the school excellence teams and finding ways to avert the financial issues we face in our school district they would serve a valid purpose.

Through two extremely difficult financial years the superintendent and the BOE have held the budget in line-where it is approximately the same as it was in 2008. A budget that has protected (for now) the maximum class sizes in our district, improved nearly all of the program content, maintained extra-curricular activities, and re-injected technology into our classrooms.

Submitted by David Watson, Jim Kane and Joe Unangst, Liverpool Board of Education Members, parents and taxpayers

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