CNY Community Foundation awards Jowonio $20,000 grant

Jowonio understands that direct firsthand experiences are more powerful than two-dimensional ones. Children are more likely to notice what's around them, take in information and understand it when they explore it through all of their senses. Teachers at Jowonio embed content before and after the field trips by reading books, taking photos, writing stories, exploring the space and using materials for follow up activities. Children who have a hard time with novelty can work through anxious feelings with the support of teachers and peers.

In today's world, many children do not have the opportunity to explore typical field trip locations with their families. Due to money constraints or lack of resources many families are unable to take their children to the zoo, local nature preserves, museums and many other desirable destinations. The opportunity to take field trips adds immeasurably to the richness of the Jowonio experience for children and the school is very grateful that they are able to continue this tradition.

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