What's the cost of your cup?

"Land that once grew coffee is now growing cubicles," Goddard said. "Labor that once picked coffee is now working in phone banks. These same people, by the way, are also for the first time drinking more coffee at their desks."

The solution?

Employ a philosophy that if people have to pay more for a product, offer them a higher quality product.

Adding additional seating space to the caf , and switching from batch-brew to a hand pouring technique will raise the standard at Kubal, Goddard said.

"I have specifically decided that at our shop we are going to raise our standards and quality so that our price structure continues to be a value," Goddard said. "Our approach is to make ourselves better in a tough time."

So don't fret about kicking your caffeine habit just yet. And remember: the more you patronize a local roaster, the better equipped they'll be able to absorb fluctuating costs.


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