Town snow budget update

Although snowstorms have been known to strike Cazenovia without warning, weather conditions of the past week have caused many to believe Spring has taken hold.

With the season's snowfall totaling upwards of 175 inches, Cazenovia's Town Highway Department had to increase snow-removal efforts accordingly.

"We plow 82 centerline miles every time we go out, and in an ordinary winter we plow 120 times, for a total of 13,920 miles," Town Highway Superintendent, Tim Hunt said. "This winter we plowed 40 more times than normal. That's 18,560 miles this past season."

The town's budget started January 1, which allowed a large amount of funds for snow removal. But plowing becomes difficult to sustain once November and December come back around. The Highway Department's largest cost-driver for snow removal is fuel.

The department started 2011 with a snow-removal budget of $35,000. After the last two months of heavy snowfall, the budget has just $5,000 left to use for snow plow fuel until 2012.

"Our fuel budget is very tight at this point," Hunt said. "Couple that with the increase in diesel fuel prices of the past few weeks, the budget is stressed."

Luckily the upcoming forecasts don't seem to hold any flurries or snow storms, so the Cazenovia Town Highway Department hopes to successfully hold the line.

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