Baldwinsville officer of the year recognized

Officer Robert A. Thibault has been named as the 2010 Police Officer of the Year for the Baldwinsville Police Department. Unlike most forms of department recognition, this award does not come from the office of the police administrator or the office of the mayor. Rather, it comes from nominations received from the officer's peers and for that reason it holds a special significance.

There were many reasons that his fellow officers gave in selecting him for this award. They include:

"Officer Thibault has been involved in many drug investigations where misdemeanor and felony charges were lodged against defendants. These investigations have developed quality information for other agencies to pursue criminal activity against known defendants."

"What truly separates Officer Thibault from everyone else is his willingness to take on any position, responsibility or detail. I have never seen him refuse any request or assignment and he is always willing to assist other officers with their investigations. He always appears motivated and ready to get to work."

"Bob led the department in arrests and actually had doubled the number of the next highest officer. He is also the leader or among the top ranking officer in all the other categories, which is quite remarkable."

Almost every nomination mentioned his work on a number of burglary investigations that he was able to solve through his investigative ability and perseverance. Others mentioned the drug arrests he made at the end of December where he observed some suspicious activity in a vehicle and began surveillance on foot, which resulted in the recovery of drugs and numerous felony charges being lodged against the defendants.

In one nomination, an officer described his investigatory abilities as; "Bob talks with citizens, gathers information and grabs on like a pit bull." Based on his performance this past year, I would concur with their assessment of his tenacity and desire to conduct a thorough and complete investigation. I would like to add my voice to those of his fellow officers in congratulating him on being the 2010 Baldwinsville Police Officer of Year.

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