Lots of bird action and Mediterranean dreaming

What a bluebird day, as my friend Rob always calls the day following the passage of a cold front. The day that ensues is usually a big change from the previous days, which in this area are usually gray and interspersed with some sort of rain and fog or snow. Rob uses these days as an excuse to make a pilgrimage to "The River" and into his boat at Wellesley Island for a bit of cruising.

Mr. Lemon still wants in

Mr. Lemon is doing well, except his disdain of cold and snow. He will approach the sliding door and sort of ask to go out. I open the door about 6 and a half inches so Lemon can stick his nose out. He sniffs to determine the weather condition and the presence of any interesting smells. He usually sprints out the door and is gone for three to 30 minutes. This winter, he just turns his head and flops back onto his bed for another 30 to 50 minute snooze. Sometimes when Sue goes to the door with him, she plants a little nudge with her right leg and foot and Mr. Lemon is out the door before he makes his decision. I have not been able to perfect this move, so Lemon skips around my foot and is on his sleeping cushion immediately.

Mr. Lemon has developed a vivid imagination. He will be sleeping soundly with his eyes closed and start to bark and yip. This brings one awake, wondering if the house is being broken into or is it on fire. It is sort of like the 3 a.m. phone call when you have young adult drivers out and about.

FIOS failure

We just had a failure of our FIOS Internet at the office. The tech that answered my call asked if anyone had been gardening and might have disturbed the fiber optic cable entering the house. He was in California and I told him it might have been a snowplow and that sub-arctic gardeners are not very prevalent in the 315 area code.

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