What you're saying: Gas prices are already causing cut-backs

Here is next week's question: Would you be willing to pay more to renovate historic buildings, rather than build new?

Last week we asked readers, "How much will you pay for gas before you cut back on driving?"

Here's what you had to say:

"I've been cutting back on driving for the past few years. It not only results in less money spent on gas, but also a savings on car repairs. I can put that money towards my bike, bus fare, or shoes!" - Damian J. Vallelonga, Syracuse

"They already got that high a while back! I've already cut back and consolidated trips.

My grandmother's Scotch gene has surfaced with a vengeance on this issue." - Nancy Keefe Rhodes, Syracuse

"Since I am currently making future plans to cut back on driving... including moving, I am at my breaking point already. There is no way I could get by without a car at this point, but I am moving closer to work." - Karen Greenfield, Syracuse

Eagle editors and advertising representatives are prone to many hours on the road. Here's how we weighed in:

"They are already there. When prices hit $3.25 we began streamlining our trips." - Paul Nagle, senior advertising consultant, Eagle Newspapers

"Already I try to manage my driving distance by creating an efficient route that will use the least amount of fuel as possible. As gas prices continue to soar, I will most likely find ways to cut back on driving if it reaches $4 per gallon." - Tami S. Zimmerman, editor, Eagle Bulletin

"I think it is already too high and I'm definitely cognizant of where I'm driving to on a weekly basis. Besides work obligations, I encourage my daughter to take the bus home when she stays after rather than picking her up from school and limit weekend activities to close destinations." - Erin Wisneski, editor, Baldwinsville Messenger

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