Say Yes Scholarships

Seniors that qualify for Say Yes eligibility:

Must be a resident of the city of Syracuse.

Must have continuous enrollment in a SCSD high school for three years; grades 10, 11 and 12.

Must graduate from one of the SCSD high schools in or after June 2009.

Must enroll in college within one academic year after graduation.

To receive a Say Yes grant:

1. Enroll as a full time student at a Say Yes college.

2. Apply for financial aid.

Apply for financial aid at your Say Yes college.

Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA ) form.

Complete the New York State's Tuition Assistance Program (TAP) form.

3. Complete a student certification form.

The three most important steps to take now for seniors:

1. Build a close relationship with your guidance counselor-they are there to help you.

2. Keep up with deadlines for colleges and financial aid

3. Keep your grades up--don't get seniorities and slack off.

What Say Yes can do for seniors

With tuition guarantee grants, Say Yes to Education is here for you seniors to make the transition from high school to college all that much easier.

"We like to demystify grants for students," said Lavet Lorenz, assistant director of Higher Education Initiative. Simply said, Say Yes is a highly customized program that will work in your benefit for your individual needs.

Say Yes is currently partnered with almost 100 colleges, including most of SUNY and CUNY colleges and over 20 private schools, some of which are outside New York State. For the complete list of colleges visit sayyessyracuse.org.

Seniors, keep in mind that if you are a candidate for Say Yes and you do not receive the cost of tuition from state, federal and/or institutional grants and scholarships, Say Yes will provide the remaining tuition balance.

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