From the Assemblyman: Proposed tax would cost families more than a gallon of gasoline

Assemblyman Don Miller (R,C,I-Clay) recently called on his colleagues in the legislature to reject a proposed tax on grocery bags, calling the idea "one of the worst ideas to come across my desk in some time-and in Albany, that's really saying something."

The proposal would impose a 25-cent tax on every plastic bag used to carry groceries or other store merchandise. The bag tax comes on the heels of a proposal to mandate a new $25 fee on every bicycle owner in the state. The so-called "bike tax" was withdrawn following loud public outcry. Miller called the new bag tax another example of the dangerous tax-and-spend habits that characterizes state government.

"Last week it was a tax on bicycles; now, a tax on plastic bags. If it were up to these lawmakers, they would tax the very air we breathe," said Miller. "It doesn't matter to me if the bag tax will only affect New York City shoppers. It's another example of Albany arrogance and just how fiscally tone-deaf a number of career politicians continue to be."

"There is absolutely no excuse to pass another compulsory tax: we are not under-taxed. New York doesn't have a revenue problem; we have a spending addiction. We cannot tax our way to prosperity. We cannot spend our way out of recession," he said.

"I've introduced legislation that would enact zero-growth property-tax and spending caps, eliminate all unfunded mandates, and reform our wasteful and corrupt Medicaid program. My policies are more about how we can make life better for families and small businesses. I'll work with colleagues on both sides of the aisle who are ready to change the direction of our state and willing to help foster a pro-growth environment for employers in our communities," Miller said.

According to David Vermillion, a spokesman for Hilex Poly, the nation's largest recycler and manufacturer of plastic bags, this legislation would cost an average family an additional $3.75 every time they visited the grocery store.

Assemblyman Miller represents the 121st Assembly District, which is comprised of the towns of Clay, Cicero, Manlius, Pompey, and LaFayette.

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