A week with a lot of threes

On Saturday, March 5, at 0900, three riflemen met at our range to shoot our regular weekly high power match. The temperature was 38 degrees, there was a stout south-west wind and it rained. Between the wind and rain, some of the target patches were taken off, making scoring difficult. The match was over at 1030.

We all fired the A Course of the John C. Garand Match, as fired at the national matches.

Paul Straka won the match with his '03-A3 by hitting 88+92-1X+70=250-1X and we all congratulate him. Chuck Chernoff fired his '03-A3 and hit 87+88-1X+71=246-1X. I fired my '03-A3 and hit 90+91-1X+58=239-1X.

We all went to the fine Willow Glen Caf for beverages after the match. Brittany poured and Chernoff paid. We thank them both.

On Sunday, March 6, about 50 trap shooters, including three ladies, three male juniors and three male sub-juniors, competed in the last shoot of the 10 week winter league. The shoot-off is all that is left, and that will be fired on Sunday, March 13.

The weather was not nice. It snowed. Lots. The temperature was about 30 degrees and the wind was blustery from the north.

Urb Womer and Justin Slater, a junior, had 24 hits. Dennis Billington hit 23. The ladies were led by Leslie Slater with 18. Nikki Hai hit 11 and Allison Radcliffe hit 8. The juniors were led by Slater. Colton O'Neil hit 19 and Brandon Murray got 8. The sub-juniors were led by Trevor Parker with 21. Sam Rice hit 10 and Brenden Radcliffe got 4.

Congratulations to you all.

On Tuesday night, March 8, seven hand gunners met at our range at 1900 and fired the match of the 25 match winter league. There were no center fire shooters. Chuck Chernoff won the match with a rim fire score of 264-4X's. He shot again and hit 259-1X. Lynn Lepak was third with 244-1X. Mike Curtis led the two hand rim fire shooters with 265-2X's. Stuart Cook hit 213 and I hit 129. Congratulations to the high scorers.

Shoot safely.

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