Shared service agreement between Salina, Geddes off the table

Plans for a shared service comptroller agreement between the towns of Salina and Geddes have come to a halt. Geddes Town Supervisor Manny Falcone said dissent over the comptroller's pay forced him remove the agreement vote from the March 8 town board agenda.

The decision to remove the agenda item came Friday, after Falcone said he realized there would not be enough "yes" votes from the six town councilors for the comptroller agreement to have it pass.

"It's frustrating, because I am fully on board with the agreement," said Falcone. He would not say which councilors disagreed with sharing their comptroller with Salina.

The Salina Town Board passed the comptroller agreement with a unanimous vote from the four town councilors and Supervisor Mark Nicotra on Feb. 28.

Under the terms of the agreement, Geddes Comptroller Greg Maxwell would work for the town of Salina two days each week in addition to his full-time comptroller position in Geddes. Salina would pay Geddes approximately $890 each week, or $38,000 to cover Maxwell's salary and benefits until the end of this year, when the two towns would again review the agreement, Nicotra said. This agreement would save the town of Salina from paying approximately $100,000 for a full-time comptroller of its own.

"Salina has been looking for a comptroller, but it's very hard to find someone that qualifies because they need to have municipal accounting skills," Nicotra said. After success with the shared service assessor agreement with the town of Cicero, Salina approached the town of Geddes to form a shared comptroller agreement to "provide necessary services and save money in each town," Nicotra said.

Falcone said the additional pay on top of Maxwell's current $67,000 salary caused unease among some of the councilors.

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