Ducks and citizens

The weather has been a bit up and down and the ducks in Bentley Cove have been in and out. Each group seems to have a different make-up. The largest group has been

Redheads, as previously reported.

The big group had a new member. He is a very handsome male with a brownish orange body with black and white stripes on the front half. We identified him as a Hooded Merganser and we even have a 2" figure that looks exactly like the real thing.

Ducks Unlimited sends a new duck figurine every year when you pay your annual membership. Last year they sent a printed card that showed all the ducks that have been sent to date. They are all males with their hot-stuff colors and the 12 or more figurines are very helpful when some guests is trying to identify a duck that they may have seen somewhere.

Saturday morning we had a group of 6 Mallard pairs along the beach north of the dock. They hung around for about 15 minutes and then they lifted off and were gone in a flash.

Sunday there was a quantity of Redheads and what I thought were Black Ducks.

We also had a group of 12 to 20 which I thought were Ring Necks, but I'm not 100 percent sure of the identification.

The Canada Goose situation is a bit unclear. I believe that the geese I mentioned some weeks ago at the Country Club were local and have departed with the severe weather. This weekend, a group of immigrants showed up. The main difference seems to be that they like to talk. The locals know each other and they don't feel that they have to talk all night long. I think it was hard for immigrants and locals to find food because most of the fields have had a lot of snow on them. The meltdown Sunday and Monday has perhaps provided grassy areas for goose feedings.

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