To the editor: Citizens' group responds to J-E school board's rejection of petition

As you can imagine, these continue to be frustrating times in the Jordan-Elbridge school district. As we see it:

Citizens' Petition

Hundreds of residents are asking for a voice in the form of the petition that they signed. There is absolutely no law that we are aware of that would prevent the Board from holding a Special District Meeting to allow citizens to vote on the four propositions. Indeed, this Board seems to relish Special Meetings based on the number of them that they have. We understand that NYSSBA told its new $10K a year client (the JE BOE) that the board would not be bound legally to act in accordance with the results of a Special District Meeting vote. It is our position that the board wrongly interpreted NYSSBA as saying it could not hold the meeting. Again, we feel that this is nonsense. What the Board did once again in the last meeting was to deny the public a voice during a time when people are begging for the restoration of sanity. If there was a vote of 'no confidence' then board members could either simply do nothing, or choose individually to resign if they felt any motivation to do so. If there was a vote to not appeal Judge Greenwood's two decisions, then the Board certainly would have the power to reverse its earlier decision if they were of the mind to do so. (They obviously have that choice now, if only they could find their free will and stop letting all of the various lawyers who benefit from ongoing court battles determine every step to be taken.) If the board opted not to reverse their decisions, at least they would know what the will of the people was. And, if there was a vote to prtevent the 2010-11 Board from hiring the next superintendent, then the board could certainly elect to not make that decision before June 30, 2011. They could ignore the outcome of this symbolic vote, but again, at least they would know what the will of the people was. It's not surprising that the Board continues to roll along down a very bad road despite the community begging them to apply the brakes, but it is disappointing.

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