School district report cards released

Examination results showed strong numbers among enrolled students. Test scores placed the school in good standing, with students making adequate yearly progress.

All grades met learning standards in all subjects. 79 percent of fifth-graders achieved a satisfactory understanding of math, as well as ELA, where 58 percent of students displayed comprehension. 81 percent of sixth-graders met learning standards for Math, and 71 percent for ELA. Seventh-graders also scored well in math and ELA, as 84 percent and 64 percent of students met learning standards, respectively. Female students academically outperformed their male counterparts in the middle school, except for math scores in sixth and seventh grades.

The high school has also experienced declining enrollment in the past three years, although the matriculation percentage remains high. Cazenovia High School includes grades 8 through 12, which was comprised of 709 students during the 09-10 term. Throughout the 2008-09 school year, 711 students were enrolled, which isn't a large drop in attendance, but during 2007-08 term 750 students attended the school.

Teaching positions and the number of offered courses rose in the past three years. 54 teachers are employed within the five grades in the high school. This is an increase of four from the 2007-08 school year. Along with a growing staff, more classes have been available to students at Cazenovia High School.

Last year, 257 classes were offered, including 208 core classes. Numbers are up from the previous years, when 254 classes were available (204 being core courses) for the 2009-08 term, and 237 classes (with 198 core classes) were conducted over the 2008-07 school year.

Examinations in each major academic subject showed that high school students were also in good standing and making adequate yearly progress, as the younger students had. In the eighth grade, 80 percent of students met learning standards in Math, and so did 66 percent of students for ELA. 100 percent of eighth-grade students tested met learning standards for Science, and 74 percent did so "with distinction," as they exhibited thorough understanding of the subject material.

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