Mommy Deadliest' recounts Castor case

After her 2009 trial was featured on ABC-TV's newsmagazine "20/20," Stacey Castor became CNY's most famous convicted murderer.

The Liverpool woman's notoriety continues to grow by leaps and bounds. The Black Widow weaves her webs again in a new book by veteran true-crime author Michael Benson.

The paperback is titled "Mommy Deadliest." Can the made-for-TV movie be far behind?

Disturbing details

While Benson makes a few mistakes - for instance, he identifies Great Northern Mall as "Great North Mall" and refers to the "town of Liverpool" - the 403-page book recounts the Castor case in great detail. Despite Benson's obsessive repetitiveness, it's a riveting, yet disturbing story that leaves two husbands dead of anti-freeze poisoning and a daughter dosed will pills and booze and blamed for the men's murders.

Benson's trial coverage gives the prosecution and defense equal time, though the evidence against the 38-year-old mother of two eventually proved overwhelming. The jury could not overlook Stacey's $71,000 insurance settlement after David Castor's death in 2005.

Local notables such as Judge Joe Fahey, DA Bill Fitzpatrick, ADA Christine Garvey, defense attorney Chuck Keller, Sgt. Mike Norton, Det. Dominic Spinelli and Det. Diane Leshinski get plenty of ink in Benson's book, as do Castor's daughters, Ashley and Bree.

For some reason, though, the author only identifies Castor's boyfriend, Michael Ochsner, by a pseudonym: "Michael Overstreet."

Not-so-shocking photos

Published in December by Pinnacle Books of New York City's Kensington Publishing Co., "Mommy Deadliest" costs $6.99.

It presents "16 pages of shocking photos," one of which is a close-up of the street sign at the corner of Glenwood Drive North and Wetzel Road, the site of the Castor house.

I wonder if Stacey Castor peruses a copy of Benson's book in her cell at Bedford Hills...?

Benson has written more than 40 books, including "Who's Who in the JFK Assassination." His 2006 book, "Betrayal in Blood: The Murder of Tabatha Bryant," is set in Rochester where a young wife was killed by her half-brother at the request of her husband, wealthy attorney Kevin C. Bryant.

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