J-E school board rejects community's petition

The board's vote to reject a vote to prevent the current board from appointing a new superintendent as well as a vote to retract the board's decision to appeal "Scro vs. Board of Education" were both unanimous. That appeal seeks to reverse State Supreme Court Judge Donald Greenwood's order for the district to reinstate Anthony Scro, fired in October, as the school district's treasurer.

The board voted 7-1 to reject the "no confidence vote" and to retract the board's decision to appeal "Zehner vs. Board of Education," a case which found the board guilty of violating Open Meetings Law. Board member Michael Jorolemon voted no in both cases. Board member Penny Feeney was not in attendance.

J-E fifth grader speaks to board

Hunter Simmons, a Ramsdell Middle School fifth grader, spoke to the J-E school board at the meeting. Simmons, 11, of Jordan, spent three hours working on the speech.

His mother, Tammy, said she did not help her son write the speech, but encouraged him to be polite and courteous.

After Hunter delivered his speech, Alley thanked him, saying it takes a lot of courage to speak in front of a crowd at his age.

Hunter Simmons' speech:

"I am speaking on behalf of the younger grades in this school district. As an 11-year-old, I am aware of all the crisis's that is going on in our school district. My peers are in fear that one day this school will be no more.

"As kids we should be worried about what time recess is and what's for lunch, however we should not be concerned about our academic future being in jeopardy.

"Communities are built around schools. Good schools build better opportunities. For us kids, schools build bonds, friendships, learning and create a better path for life. And once you adults lose focus on what is important, not only will our future be at risk but generations to come will be affected by poor decisions that are made now.

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