More signage in Clift Park?

"Did you consider Parmlaee Park," Sue asked. That's the deck structure on the eastern side of the outlet that already has a small informational exhibit on stag-horn fossils.

Macbeth said she had considered that location and ruled it out because it doesn't have as much traffic. They also considered the pier for the permanent exhibit, but thought it would be too intrusive to the amount of foot traffic on the pier.

Trustee Marc Angelillo asked if they had considered Thayer Park.

Macbeth said, they hadn't because it's not as active as Clift Park.

Jones said it was also deeded in to be more of a contemplative space, so it was intentional that most of the activity is organized in Clift Park.

Chief Perkins wondered if they would consider the state boat launch off of Route 41 West Lake Road as it gets a lot of visitors to the lake.

The banner plan

The second exhibit is intended to convey information that changes on a yearly basis. This would include amount of money spent on the lake each year, projects and easements.

Angelillo was concerned about the viewscape. This park is picturesque, and banners, "I think of as clutter."

Village Trustee Hubbard wondered if the city would instead consider using the side of the city's boathouse (which sits tucked under the bridge), or the railings out in front of the city's boathouse.

He also asked if the city's lake management typically involved these kind of projects?

Macbeth said they normally to mailings, but haven't found them to be that effective, as people still aren't aware of the amount of work City Water does to maintain the lake's water quality.

Angelillo said its adding a lot of advertising to the pier.

Jones said she wasn't as concerned about the banner idea, as it was temporary and she mentioned making provisions for removing it during the Classic Boat Show.

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