KBR 2011: Memories in the making

The second annual KBR celebration attracted nearly 500 students. Parents, teachers, students and community members transformed Baker High School into a jungle of tropical fun.

Seniors and their guests were greeted by rows of tiki torches, stone statues and miles of bamboo - a scene straight from the reality show Survivor.

Once inside, attendees registered through a enormous tiki hut and came face-to-face with their first challenge of the evening, a scavenger hunt. Seniors who accepted the challenge worked their way through the crowd to take part in a number of activities and challenges. Some chose to make tribal headbands, others had their futures analyzed by the resident witch doctor and many formed allies with other guests and bonded by getting spray-on tattoos. Those who completed the challenge were entered into a drawing to win a Wii gaming console at the conclusion of the night. Those who chose not to participate in the scavenger hunt spent their evening playing Kan-Jam, pick-up basketball, omnikin ball and DDR, or tested their skills at boxy boxing, jousting and Twister inflatables, or singing karaoke at the tribal fire pit.

Unlike their reality star counterparts, KBR survivors did not go home hungry. There was a plethora of food and beverages in the cafeteria for them to enjoy including made-to-order frappacinos from Starbucks, an ice cream sundae bar, pizzas, subs, veggie/fruit trays and desserts from many of their favorite local restaurants and businesses. Survivors were also treated to a giant candy-filled treasure chest overflowing with delectable confections and savory treats. Nothing beats a sugar rush at 2 a.m. to keep you awake all night.

In addition to the food court area, the second half of the cafeteria boasted linen-covered tables topped with exotic centerpieces, a DJ and dance floor complete with lights and sound. Many took the opportunity to preserve their experience by capturing their images in the photo-booth and writing messages to classmates on a giant sand wall, while others found quieter areas to reminisce about moving up day, the ball and to savor good times with special friends.

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