Students visit summer school in Wisconsin

Burton Street Elementary School students traveled to Clear Lake, Wisconsin on June 17. The field trip, which was facilitated by Computer Technician Becky Fuller and the school's video conferencing equipment, lasted about 45 minutes.

Cazenovia's first-grade students talked with Clear Lake's first and second-grade summer school students. The interactions varied from pertinent information about their respective towns, to personal family occupations and queries about what their age group does for "fun." Students discovered their communities have much common as well as some amazing differences.

Both Cazenovia and Clear Lake are rural communities, and both have lakes in their municipality. The first-graders were surprised to learn that Clear Lake resident's main meat source in the winter is venison. Wisconsin residents stock up during Deer hunting season and eat the cured meat throughout the winter months. During the warmer seasons, the students' main food source is fish.

Clear Lake does not have a traffic light, which the Cazenovia students were proud to declare that their town has two. The most wondrous similarities, however, was how each of the students shared stories of their families. The pride and love the each student shared with each classroom during the video conference was touching.

Fuller will continue to coordinate video conference collaborations with other schools across the nation and around world during the 2011-12 school year.

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