Distinguishing good and evil through life experience

When I was a kid, I loved watching the show "He-Man and the Masters of the Universe." I got so excited when He-Man would hold up his sword and say the words "I have the power!" I felt like I too was getting the power of the Universe. I also knew that Skeletor was bad and that He-Man would do everything he could to stop Skeletor from finding the secrets in Castle Greyskull. At the end of every show, He-Man would prevail and the world was made right for another day. The lessoned I learned as a child was that good always won over evil.

As I grew older, I spent less time watching He-Man and started exploring the world some more. Through my adventures, I learned that there still was good and evil in the world, it just looked a little different. I knew that my parents were good, my teachers were good and my friends were good. I also knew that bullies were bad, strangers were bad and mushrooms in my salad were bad. Even though there was still good and bad in the world, the lines started to blur together and it started to become difficult to tell the difference.

Eventually the good and evil I knew no longer existed. Some things (like chocolate) was both good and bad (it tasted good but it is not healthy for me) and that started to become confusing. I began to ask myself, how do I know when something is good?

Many times our personal behavior is based on what we value and see as good or evil. As we live life to the fullest, we need to have a system in place to base our everyday decisions. We need to have this system so ingrained into our being that they become immediate and instinct. This is what I love about my faith. I have the Bible to help guide me when I have questions about good and evil in the world around me. For me this is a good thing, but so often I have conversations with people who think that the church is a bunch of rules. I have heard that some people feel trapped and confined by the rules of the church. I disagree. I believe that what the church can offer is freedom. I know what the basic values in my life are and I am set free because I don't have to make the hard decisions anymore. I don't have to base a decision of good and evil, or right and wrong on what I am feeling at the moment, I can base my decisions on a set of life guidelines found in the Bible that has been passed down generation after generation.

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