Teens rob North Syracuse gas station before Memorial Day

It's not unusual for an American of age to pick up a couple drinks before Memorial Day.

But when it came time to show his money and license, 19-year-old Christopher Powers of North Syracuse reminded the village why it has men in uniform.

The underage man rushed past the counter of SKJ Gas and Mart, at 523 South Main St., with two cans of Four Loko, a caffeinated malt liquor, said store owner Sanjiv Juneja. The teen rushed into a rear seat of 18-year-old Melissa Huff's car, which she had positioned for a quick escape. Juneja pursued Powers, and while the car door was still open, Juneja leaned in to ask him to pay.

Powers grabbed Juneja by his shirt and tie, punching and beating him while Huff threw the shifter into reverse and sped around the pumping stations, dragging the owner at almost 20 miles per hour.

"It was a danger to my life," Juneja said.

While the car was turning toward the road, Powers released Juneja, who had just enough time to jump away from the car's rear wheel and call North Syracuse Police.

Authorities later charged Powers with third-degree robbery, third-degree attempted assault, and petit larceny. He is being held at the Justice Center at $10,000 bail. Huff received a second-degree reckless endangerment charge, and was issued an appearance ticket, police said.

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