B'ville Bees are red and white, not black

Many years ago, when I was going to school, the Baldwinsville school colors were red and white. What a rude awakening to see the band in ugly black.

When on earth did the colors change? And to black with red and white accents? What a stupid idea. Does anyone know how hot (temperature wise) black uniforms are? Especially when marching in the hot sun on a hot road in a hot summer? I repeat, stupid. Does anyone know that black absorbs heat?

What a total disappointment it was Memorial Day looking in anticipation for the school band marching proudly down the street in their bright, attractive red and white uniforms, but instead to see this utterly dull, dark, assemblage approaching. What a turn off.

I do hope someone comes to their senses and changes the school colors back to the original snazzy red and white in the coming years. The sooner, the better.

Dee Burgess lives in Baldwinsville.

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