Numerous 'No Parking' signs removed from Cazenovia roads

When Cazenovia residents on the north end of the lake had concerns about too many parked cars, the town board took action, installing more parking signs. But now the town has removed almost half the signs, after a new complaint was raised - too many unsightly signs.

Last summer, homeowners living on East Lake and North Lake roads addressed the town board with complaints of excessive parking. Residents were concerned with the growing amount of cars that were being parked on road shoulders and other areas where parking was prohibited.

The problem seemed to be resolved at a town board meeting on Aug. 12 2010. A resolution was passed, amending Section 157-2 of the Town Code of Cazenovia, prohibiting parking on North Lake Road, and portions of East Lake Road.

An ordinance was created and passed onto the Madison County Highway Department, as the areas mentioned in the amendment were county roads. Highway department employees installed "No Parking" signs on North Lake Road, from the western intersection of Mark Lane to the intersection of West Lake Road and on East Lake Road, from the northern intersection of Chard Road, to the intersection of North Lake.

Complying with the revised Manual for Uniform Traffic Control, the county workers placed signs every 200 feet, on both sides of the road. Within the month of October, 85 "No Parking" signs were installed.

It wasn't long before new complaints were registered with the town of Cazenovia, said Tim Hunt, the highway superintendent for the town.

"We started getting numerous complaints from people in the area. They were not complaints regarding the no-parking ordinance, they were complaints about the excessiveness of the signs. It's a rural country road, and money is tight, fiscally for all levels of government."

Residents argued that the frequency of the "No Parking" signs was unsightly, saying that the amount of signs was unnecessary and a waste of tax payers' money. Madison County's highway department maintained that they adhered to regulations set forth by the Manual for Uniform Traffic Control.

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