Looking for scholarships

If you've completed the FAFSA and/or the CSS Profile and the NYS TAP, it's time to look into scholarships. College can be a pricy endeavor, and knowing where to look for scholarships is important. Hundreds of scholarships are available, but it takes determination and perseverance to complete their application process.

Where to look for scholarships:

-Civic Organizations

-Local YMCA's


-Fast Web, www.fastweb.com

- The SmartStudent guide to financial aid, www.finaid.org

-College Board, www.collegeboard.com

-Corporations and banks

-Political Parties


-Labor Unions

-Charitable foundations

Important tips

Being organized will make everything much easier. Syracuse University's scholarship office recommends setting up files with your personal information, transcripts, current resume that includes your community service and/or extracurricular activities. For many scholarships, a personal essay is necessary. It's a good idea to write a few different versions and let someone else look at them. Once you've received your application, photocopy each form and use your gathered information to fill out a practice copy. This will ensure that your final one is neat and completed in full. It's also a good idea to keep a copy for your own records.

Use as many free resources as possible in your search. Publications listing scholarship opportunities are available in your college's scholarship office, your high school guidance office and at your local library.

At SU, their website, financialaid.syr.edu/scholarships.htm is full of information designers to help you in your search. Also on the site are their scholarship newsletter, access to their scholarship listserv, and scholarship search services.

Beware of scholarship scams

Students and parents alike are frequently the target of scholarship scams. Chances are, if you are asked to pay money to get money, or pay to receive information-be careful. The Federal Trade Commission warns consumers that scholarship announcements using these phrases or similar ones are likely fraudulent schemes:

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