Judge rules against Jordan-Elbridge school board twice in one day

Scro said he hasn't heard from the district, so he's unsure whether he will be given all of his former responsibilities as treasurer.

He also said the district's recovery will not be complete until Zehner and suspended Assistant Superintendent for Business and Finance Bill Hamilton are brought back.

"As far as my position goes, everything that I did I worked on as a team with Bill Hamilton," Scro said. He's hopeful that if he can be returned to J-E, the same could apply for Zehner and Hamilton.

"I'm pretty sure that the board did not anticipate me winning this case," Scro said.

In Thursday's ruling on Open Meetings Law, Greenwood referred to his Oct. 1 ruling (in a case also won by Zehner) that the J-E school board must give specific reasons for going into executive session, saying it is insufficient to "merely regurgitate the statutory language" required when going into executive session.

"Instead," Greenwood ruled on Thursday, "to validly convene an executive session for discussion, the public entity must identify with particularity the topic to be discussed, since only through such identification will the purposes of the Open Meetings Law be realized."

The court found the board to have offered boilerplate reasons for going into session, and to have repeatedly failed to comply with Open Meetings Law.

"The board's reticence is perplexing," Greenwood's ruling reads.

Lawrence Zacher's appointment to interim superintendent, however, as contested by Zehner, was not ruled void.

Greenwood rule that the board's failure to follow proper meeting procedure was often tied to the superintendent search - "a process of great public concern and not within the exceptions to the requirement of the Open Meetings Law but for narrow circumstances."

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