Mr. Lemon has cabin fever, already

The guns have been booming around the west side

A few ducks have probably splashed down, but I have been told that the goose population is taking a good hit.

I've heard that some folks have also shot a few Buffleheads. I don't think neat little ducks like that are suitable fare for the table, as they are so tiny. They're also very perky and it's fun to watch their diving antics. They certainly never leave the water to roost on my dock or paint it with large droppings like the Mallards do. Mallards are big enough to make a good meal and they feed on green stuff, not fish.

Mallards have a lot of fun from time to time. You can see them on the creek at the Kelly Street Bridge as they vie for handouts and storm the shore for breadcrumbs. They also seem to like to sprint upstream and then cruise down with the current looking very content with themselves.

A substantial flock of ducks arrived in Bentley Cove on the north wind with the snowfall on Tuesday evening. The total was around 60-70. The numbers decreased during the day, but many were still here at sun down. Needless to say, visibility and light were greatly reduced and identification was hindered. The primary divers were Redheads. I also spotted 2 Buffleheads, 2 Canvasbacks, and some Common Mergansers.

I'm looking forward to getting out my skis when a bit of sun comes along. Gray, cold days and weekend crowds discourage me. There is sufficient base to make skiing interesting to an old schusser like me.

Joe lives along the western shore of Skaneateles Lake. Reach him through the Press at editor@skaneatelespress.com or he is in the book.

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