Mr. Lemon has cabin fever, already

1/11/11 - I have been looking forward to this date for some time. All the ones lined up is kind of neat.

Mr. Lemon hasn't seen any sun since Christmas, except for one day of thaw and he seems genuinely depressed. His vigor for suppertime remains strong, but he doesn't wag his tail much for Sue or me and his countenance is kind of melancholy.

His expeditions in the evening have been very short and very close to the house. I think he is finding it very boring outside. I have not seen any fresh tracks in the new snow that has filtered down and I think the two fox families in the neighborhood have done in all the rabbits and other varmints that used to leave trails in the new-fallen snow.

One rabbit that lived to the south of us would check out the bird feeder droppings every night and dawn, offering a scent trail for Mr. Lemon to check out. However, there is no way that a well-fed Beagle would ever be motivated to catch a full adult rabbit.

One year a rabbit made a nest under the golf cart and it actually gave birth to a bunny. Unfortunately, it did not last long once the birth occurred and the dog realized there was a small, helpless bunny under the golf cart.

Mr. Lemon stopped in to visit his friends at the Ford garage. Mike has discovered that if you scratch and tickle his rear down under he will get a nervous reaction in his legs and get all shook up. I don't think Mr. Lemon likes this very much, but the production does get him moving.

He gets quite enthusiastic about new faces and smells. Sometimes I think he is still looking for his original people. Perhaps a bit of sun for a day or two will invigorate Mr. Lemon as well as the rest of us.

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